Our customers have a right to expect high quality

Our customers have a right to expect high quality

Our customers have a right to expect high quality.
After all, this is the reason they bought W&H machinery.

You will need to use a current and efficient system for quality assurance. Your quality assurance philosophy should be based on a "zero defect strategy" and on the continuous improvement of cost, quality, lead time and service. 

Our quality assurance agreement describes our requirements regarding quality management.
This agreement is necessary for a long-term partnership. For us, quality does not end with a shipment received on spec, but rather encompasses our entire collaboration. This extends specifically to W&H global service support, which over the past few years has developed into a significant competitive advantage. Our customers rely on our ability to respond 24x7x365 and expect to have parts and service personnel on location in emergency situations.

As a supplier, you are responsible to W&H for the quality of your products and services. Defects must be avoided, deviations from specifications recog-nized immediately, and causes for defects eliminated quickly and permanently. This is to be performed in accordance with procedures established by your company, which must be carefully monitored and documented. To avoid duplication of work, we will forego inspection of incoming goods. This will reduce cost and processing times. As customer expectations regarding warranty periods and coverage are constantly increasing, these issues must be taken into account in your warranty agreements, which should also clearly state the responsibility of any incurred follow-up costs.