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Small, compact, fast - the new MIRAFLEX II Single-Port

The new compact MIRAFLEX II Single-Port flexographic printing press from Windmöller & Hölscher is ideal for smaller production spaces. With its face-to-face winder configuration, there is only one central loading and unloading area for the winder. The resulting shorter operator and web paths ensure faster job changes and less waste. A further advantage is that the Single-Port can also be upgraded quickly and easily with an inline flexo or gravure application at a later date.

The MIRAFLEX II product family has grown with the new compact MIRAFLEX II Single-Port. The face-to-face winder configuration of the Single-Port version measures 14 meters in length and is roughly 4 meters shorter than the Dual-Port design: "In contrast to the Dual-Port, we now have central loading and unloading for two winders. This significantly reduces the overall roll processing time and saves our customers time because both winders can be operated simultaneously by just one operator," says...

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Economical production of the most demanding print jobs in package printing

W&H introduces a new flexo printing press for package printing: The NOVOFLEX II promises maximum productivity through high performance and fast job changes. With a speed of up to 800 m/min, the NOVOFLEX II belongs to the top performance segment. What makes it so special is that even the most difficult images and jobs can be printed in top quality at high speeds. Fast job changes and minimized maintenance and cleaning increase the efficiency of the system.

"The NOVOFLEX II prints even critical, potentially bounce-inducing jobs, such as those with non-staggered plates with hard edges, at high production speeds. And that without increasing the amount of material needed or using special sticky tapes," explains Markus Bauschulte, Technical Sales Director Business Unit Printing and Finishing at W&H. At “The Future of Flexo” Open House at W&H in March, the company presented two jobs with high line count graphics and particularly hard printing plate...

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That's how fast modern flexo printing can be

On 27. and 28. March, machine manufacturer Windmöller & Hölscher (W&H) hosted visitors to the open house "Experience the Future of Flexo". More than 500 visitors from around the globe attended demonstrations showing how fast and optimized printing processes can be today: Just 3 hours after a group photo was taken, the image was produced on the new NOVOFLEX II at speeds of 600m/min. Job changes every 5 minutes demonstrated the efficiency of the W&H machines and intelligent automation systems for short runs.

The highlight of the Open House was the premiere of the NOVOFLEX II high-performance flexographic printing press, which can print the most challenging jobs at maximum speeds. W&H demonstrated the performance of the new system by switching between two images at a speed of 600 m/min. Both jobs were high line count graphics with particularly hard leading edges of plates. The first image was the group picture taken in the morning.

Speed in the overall process

The conversion from image to finished...

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