Machine Relocation & Commissioning

Machine Relocation & Commissioning

Are you planning to change the location of your W&H machine? Our experts will help you to realize this project successfully and will bring your machine back into a stable and efficient production as fast as possible.

Moving a machine within the production plant or relocating it to a different location – The planning and execution of such a project is very time-consuming and requires a lot of professional know-how. The experts of the W&H Service have a great experience in the successful relocation of machines and offer you this service as a one stop service.

We support you with the planning and develop a holistic concept for the relocation of your W&H machinery. This includes the safe dismantling and transport as well as the qualified assembly and commissioning at the new location. Furthermore, we check your machine and carry out necessary overhauls to secure the productivity and safety of your W&H machine in the long term.

Your benefits:

  • Professional relocation and commissioning with the help of the W&H experts
  • Increased productivity and safety of you machines
  • Efficient consulting to optimize the production environment