Seminar Offers

Seminar Offers

Operator Training:

With the Technical Operator Training done by our experienced trainers, your employees will be qualified for a safe and professional operation of your machine from Windmöller & Hölscher. In this way, they will learn to utilize open machine potential as well as to increase the productivity and quality of your production in the long term.

The participants learn about the setup and settings of the machine as well as the individual functions and technical procedures. Through practical exercises directly at the machine, they also learn how to prepare and start the production as well as the professional calibration and optimization of the product.

In addition, the participants are able to identify and remedy machine problems by themselves (operator level). They can also carry out the daily routine care and maintenance of the machine independently.

Electrical Maintenance Training:

To ensure a permanent and reliable production of your high-quality W&H machine, a regular and professional maintenance is essential. With our Electrical Maintenance Training, your employees will be qualified by an experienced specialist from Windmöller & Hölscher to maintain your machines carefully and qualitatively. In this way, the performance of your machinery is maintained in the long term.

Within the Training the participants receive a comprehensive overview of the machine concept. Thereby, they get to know the hardware and software of the individual electrical components as well as their operating principle in the machine.

The participants learn about the interaction of the individual components and are able to use the available diagnostic tools for a systematic identification and troubleshooting of machine errors. Even the routine care and maintenance work can be carried out by the participants independently after the successful training.

Basic Training Flexographic Printing:

This course provides comprehensive content on the basics of flexographic printing and process technology. You will get an overview of the design and the functional principle of the machine and get to know the functions and technical processes of the individual stations. The participants are familiarized with the machine operation including production start, job changeover and the working environment and can independently control and optimize the printing process.

The seminar contents, in particular those concerning printing technology, are deepened by practical exercises in our printing technology center.

Production Training:

With the Training, your employees receive a professional support during the production with your machine from Windmöller & Hölscher. The machine operators will be supervised by an experienced W&H trainer throughout the entire production process, as well as professionally advised on all relevant tasks. Furthermore, our expert analyzes and optimizes your production processes and presents the systematics of the individual processes to your employees.

The participants learn to understand the procedural processes at the individual stations and are able to use the operating functions of the machine in their entirety. In addition, the participants are able to identify and correct faults in the production process and can also safely perform machine care and preventive maintenance.

At the end of the Production Training your employees should have the necessary knowledge, safety and independence, which are required by an operator responsible for the machine.

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