Flexa 820

Flexa 820


Modern Flexographic End Printer with up to 4 Colours for In-line Operation with Tubers of the AM.

FLEXA 820 is the modern and efficient flexographic end printer for in-line operation with tubers for multiwall applications. Since alternative inking technologies can be selected, the printer covers an exceptionally broad spectrum of printing applications, from simple cement bag imprints to demanding process work. 

Technical specifications:

Colour decks 2 – 4
Printing width 132 or 157 cm (52” / 62”)
Print repeat range 45 – 150 cm (18” – 59”)
Machine speed if with fountain roll printing deck 250 m/min (820 ft/min)
Machine speed if with doctor blade printing deck 350 m/min (1,150 ft/min)
More features

Advantages include:

  • Customised specification: Available with two, three or four fountain roller or chambered doctor blade colour decks, or a combination of fountain roller / doctor blade colour decks for lacquer or anti-slip coating
  • Easy to retrofit to existing tubers through separate drive and PLC
  • Excellent print quality through low vibration colour deck design with linear guides
  • Chambered doctor blade colour decks of the type used with central impression flexo printing presses
  • Output up to 350 m/min depending on colour deck specification
  • Hinged cap bearings, two-speed motorised circumferential register adjustment, and the patented colour deck adjustment system allow for rapid changeover
  • Maximised up-time through high operational reliability and low maintenance requirements
  • Large wide-opening safety doors provide unobstructed access, ensuring a high level of operator friendliness and job safety

Technical features include:

  • Print unit frame and guarding enclosure designed for a maximum of four colour decks
  • Identical design of all colour decks, regardless of where they are located on the printer
  • Web threading belt
  • Fountain roller inking system with add-on capability for doctor blade technology
  • Parallelogram suspension of the doctor chamber and
  • the ceramic anilox rolls
  • Colour decks with linear guides and motorized adjustment system eliminating hydraulic components
  • Optionally available with plug-on type cylinders or cylinders with integral journals
  • Maintenance free colour deck drive. Web tension controlled print unit drive via frequency converter controlled AC drive and dancer
  • Optional insetter controller with highly dynamic PCS (Print Control System), for a subsequent additional imprint on the printed web in register with the printed image
  • Centralised lubrication system
  • PLC


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