TOPAS S – New FFS bagging system specialized for synthetic granules

Frankfurt am Main, 11.06.2018. At Achema, machine builder W&H launches the FFS bagging system TOPAS S. The new machine is tailor-made for the medium performance range and specializes in the processing of synthetic granules.

"The TOPAS S wins fans with its top-class bagging performance and attractive investment costs," says Rafael Imberg, Sales Director FFS Bagging Systems at W&H. With an output of up to 1,800 bags/hour, the machine is designed for the synthetic granules market. It complements the TOPAS SL, which with a capacity of 2,800 bags/hour, is the fastest running system on the market today.

In terms of design, the TOPAS S draws on the experience of the TOPAS product family, which is one of the most frequently used systems worldwide with around 1,000 systems sold. With very good accessibility through an open design and generously dimensioned safety doors, the machine design focuses on user-friendliness. "TOPAS has been continuously developed further thanks to many years of practical experience. The focus is on efficiency: Short operating and maintenance times mean more time for production," explains Imberg.

EASY CONTROL, the fully automated operating concept covering the entire FFS line, is also available for the TOPAS S. Improved transparency, simple operation and integration of the entire line help to improve efficiency and quality throughout production.