Product change in less than 1 minute

Frankfurt am Main, 11.06.2018. At Achema, machine builder W&H is presenting the new weighing technology EASY SCALE for its TOPAS bagging machine. Thanks to the intelligent automation of the weighing process, a product change can be completed in less than one minute. With an increasing variety of products and shorter order lengths, this means less time for operating, less waste and higher speed - in short, an increase in the efficiency of the entire system.

"With savings of up to 9 minutes per product change, EASY SCALE can lead to as much as 390 bags per hour more good production," explains Rafael Imberg Sales Director FFS Bagging Systems at W&H. With EASY SCALE, W&H makes the operator's work easier, shortens set-up times and thus significantly reduces waste. Instead of six parameters as before, with EASY SCALE the operator sets only one parameter, the fine flow time. Thanks to the intelligent weighing technology, all other parameters are set automatically in the shortest possible time. The continuous readjustment of the weight accuracy during the start-up process reduces waste production. "In practical tests, both in our own technology center and at customer sites in the field, less than 5 bags of scrap were produced per product change," says Imberg.

In the past, efficiency was highly dependent on the operator's know-how. Scales and dosing parameters had to be manually adjusted very precisely specified to the product in order to achieve the best possible accuracy at a maximum speed of 2,800 bags/hour. Weight inaccuracies during adjustment caused scrap production.

The new scale technology is part of EASY CONTROL, W&H's integrated automation and operating concept for the entire FMS line. Greater transparency, simple operation and integration of the entire FFS line lead to increases in efficiency and quality in production. With around 1,000 machines sold, the TOPAS is one of the most frequently used systems worldwide and is also the fastest running system on the market today.