Automatic resin changeovers for increased productivity

Automatic resin changeovers for increased productivity

Today, small jobs are the standard and changeovers pose the biggest challenges to blown film production.  At K2016, W&H will exhibit a 5-layer VAREX II blown film line running the TURBOCLEAN automation module for faster resin changes and shorter wash-up times. Live Demonstrations of a full job changeovers using EXXON resins will run several times daily. The demonstration will show the changeover from a collation shrink shrink film to food packaging film– including color and size changes – all in just 12 minutes. The shorter time means not only increased productivity but also ressource and energy savings. In addition, W&H will introduce the new and improved FILMATIC II T winder.

“Nine percent of productivity is lost during job changes; this represents by far the biggest percentage of machine downtime,” said Dr. Lennart Ederleh, Technical Sales Director Extrusion Equipment . “At the same time, it also offers an opportunity; the shorter the changeover, the more production time available available.” So if you want to increase the productivity of a blown film line, this is the stage where the biggest potential currently lies. "With TURBOCLEAN, we have been able to increase production time by up to 6%."

Automated and simultaneous

Today’s job changeover on a multi-layer line can take up to 40 minutes, the reason being that the machine operator performs the process manually, one component after another. With TURBOCLEAN, such changeovers can be as short as only 12 minutes. This is possible because all steps are automated and are run simultaneously. The processes are integrated in the machine and the operator is guided is guided  through the process steps  by the user-friendly PROCONTROL TS touch screen operator panel. Ederleh adds: "If a film manufacturer implements the EASY CHANGE automation module for automated size changes along with TURBOCLEAN, even more productivity can be reached.”

New winder requiring less floorspace

The exhibit will also showcase the new FILMATIC II T winder. The winder is characterized by its compact design made possible by arranging the two winding stationsing stations one above the other, therefore requiring less floor space. In addition to the new operation and safety concept, the maximum possible roll diameter has been increased, which results in an additional 17,5% of film on a roll.