Retrofit blown film lines with TURBOCLEAN

Retrofit blown film lines with TURBOCLEAN

Increase the productivity of your blown film lines and switch jobs quickly with TURBOCLEAN – now available as a retrofit option

Smaller batch sizes are becoming more common, meaning extrusion line jobs need to be changed over more frequently. The result: more unusable film and lower system productivity. But there is another way! Windmöller & Hölscher has developed TURBOCLEAN, an automation module that increases the productivity of an extrusion line dramatically, with shorter rinsing times and faster material changeovers.

Jobs changes in as little as 12 minutes
Instead of taking up to 40 minutes to switch jobs, a blown film line with TURBOCLEAN can be ready to start again in as little as 12 minutes, depending on the product. So you benefit from both greater productivity as well as raw material and energy savings. TURBOCLEAN had previously only been available as an integrated component of the new VAREX II blown film line. But now it can be retrofitted to any existing system. All W&H blown film lines are compatible with the retrofit solution. For machines made in 2010 and later, the conversion process is incredibly simple. The TURBOCLEAN retrofit is a “Plug & Play” solution, taking just 1 to 2 days per extruder to install. And Windmöller & Hölscher is there to provide support every step of the way. From consulting to assembly and beyond, our 12 service centers and 350 experienced service technicians are ready and waiting to assist our customers all over the world.

Automatic material change
TURBOCLEAN is an intelligent solution designed to reduce job changeover times and increase the machine’s productivity. With TURBOCLEAN, the extrusion system changes the material itself, so the machine operator no longer has to carry out every stage of the job change manually. Instead, TURBOCLEAN does everything automatically and at the same time. All the operator has to do is move the suction lance from one material container to the next. The rest is taken care of by the machine itself.

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