"Highly topical and relevant" - First Technology Event for Packaging Printing

"Highly topical and relevant" - First Technology Event for Packaging Printing

At the first technology event of the W&H Academy in November 2018, 30 customers and partners informed themselves about current market developments and possibilities for optimizing production for package printing in flexo and gravure printing. What's special: Theoretical aspects were demonstrated practically live on the presses in the printing technology center.

Optimum printing results in the shortest possible time at the lowest possible cost - that is the goal of every package printer. With its Technology Events, W&H offers a format in which the practical challenges of package printing, the strengths of the individual processes and the practical consequences for everyday production are discussed. In November, the event covered a wide range of topics, from today's requirements of brand manufacturers to technical topics such as residual solvent values, opacities and repeat tolerances with critical materials. In addition to the W&H experts, partners from the materials supply industry were also on hand as contact partners. What's special: In addition to theory, practical applications were demonstrated live at the Lengerich printing technology centre.

Kick-off event received positive feedback

Above all, the mixture of theory and practice presented by 11 speakers on two days of the event was well received: "Such events often remain very theoretical. At W&H we had the opportunity to test printing processes and applications in practice. A visit to the W&H Technical Center with live machine demonstrations of the various types of printing is unique in the industry," says Bernd Böckmann, Print Shop Manager at Dettmer Verpackungen GmbH. Karin Haberler, who is responsible for print preparation at Constantia, was particularly interested in the selection of topics: "The topics of the speakers were highly relevant for us from the packaging printing sector." The small group size also appealed: "At this group size you can also exchange ideas directly with other representatives of the industry. That often falls by the wayside at other major events. After all, in the end we all face the same challenges and can learn from each other," says Marco Kleemann, Print Shop Manager at Neemann OHG.

Further technology events are planned

"We at W&H don't just see ourselves as machine suppliers. We stand by our customers as a strong partner in product development along the process chain from extrusion to printing and processing," says Dietmar Pötter, Managing Director of the W&H Academy. "The Technology Events give us the opportunity to benefit from our knowledge as a market leader and our large network".

The W&H Academy will be offering further Technology Events in the future. The dates will be announced on the W&H homepage.

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