From a live machine demonstration to a long lasting partnership

From a live machine demonstration to a long lasting partnership

Hands-on machines - at trade fairs you have the unique opportunity to convince yourself live of the performance of a machine. How fruitful the experience trade fair can be is shown by the example of Zenith Specialty Bag Co. The California-based company mainly produces paper bags for fast food, delicatessen and bakery products.

At Pack Expo 2014, Dan Bach, VP/General Manager at Zenith Specialty Bag Co., the California-based converter of paper bags for fast food, deli and bakery industries, accepted an invitation to a demonstration of a Matador flat and satchel bag machine at the Garant booth.

“I had no idea who Garant was, but knew W&H, so I went to the demo and was impressed with the quality, integrity and robust machine construction. After 24 hours of intense discussion, we ended up buying the show line,” said Bach.

That might sound like an impulse capital investment, but it wasn’t. Zenith was working with some older equipment from the 1970s and was spending a lot of money on maintenance and repairs plus enduring costly downtime. The company was more than ready for an upgrade to state-of-the-art machinery, so everything came together at the right time.

For Zenith, having flexibility, excellent performance and the capability to completely customize jobs to precise customer needs was paramount. “Our customers require imaginative packaging that showcases their products and their brand in a unique fashion. We need to be able to deliver highly innovative products, while manufacturing efficiently,’ added Bach. Since their initial purchase, Zenith has purchased additional machinery.

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