Making Shorter Gravure Printing Jobs More Economical

Making Shorter Gravure Printing Jobs More Economical

Heyne & Penke Verpackungen GmbH Uses the Heliostar SL 11

Christoph Penke and his brother Peter Penke (right), Managing Directors of H&P

In September 2016, a new Heliostar SL 11 gravure printing press from W&H was delivered to leading German packaging manufacturer, Heyne & Penke Verpackungen GmbH. “One of our strengths is that our streamlined structures and fast decision paths enable us to react very quickly to our customers’ needs. This commitment to our customers also guides us when it comes to choosing new machines," explains Christoph Penke, Managing Director of H&P. He continues: “One key market trend we are seeing is shorter batch runs. But customers still demand the high quality and process security of gravure printing. The new HELIOSTAR SL gives us a solution to these problems as it can make shorter printing jobs, even with gravure printing, more economical.”

Entire spectrum of flexible packaging solutions from a single source
Heyne & Penke is one of the leading German manufacturers of flexible paper and film packaging. The company is one of the few complete providers in the sector to offer the entire spectrum of flexible packaging solutions from a single source, including special designs. It creates everything from small-format primary to large-format secondary packaging using a wide variety of substrates and composite materials. With 166 employees and an export rate of approximately 30%, the family-owned company generated some €36.5 million in 2015. H&P uses both flexographic and gravure printing presses from W&H.

Higher availability, less setup time
The new HELIOSTAR SL 11 covers the company’s entire gravure printing portfolio. It is very well-equipped for the job with 11 color decks and a high drying capacity. A turning bar adds greater flexibility with the option to use multiple color decks. This makes it possible to print both sides of the same substrate in a single process. “The concept of  quick-change parts means that we can expect even higher availability from the new HELIOSTAR, and spend less time on set up. And with the machine’s increased drying capacity, we can achieve performance increases of up to 40% for CSA production”, explains Penke. “Heyne & Penke tested the system at our technical center in Lengerich early in the selection process. During the later phases, we worked closely with the customer on-site, precisely tailoring areas such as the hot melt application system to H&P’s needs," says Stefan Honke, a sales representative at W&H, discussing how the two companies worked together on the project. 

Limited space required tailored conversion measures
One particular challenge lay in the fact that the firms had to plan the machine technology and equipment to fit into the existing hall at Heyne & Penke’s headquarters in Dassel. “The space we had was limited, and we needed to plan everything in detail with H&P. But we managed it. Using tailored conversion measures, we were able to integrate the machine into the existing hall”, says Udo Neumann, Technical Contact in W&H’s Customer Service department.

Successful continuation of generation-spanning working relationship
 Overall, Heyne & Penke was very pleased with the results: “From the very beginning, the entire project was characterized by the constructive and result-oriented discussions that brought us to a professional conclusion," summarizes Penke. “This investment in the HELIOSTAR SL 11 represents a successful continuation of our generation-spanning working relationship with W&H.”

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