VISTAFLEX Installation at NELMAR Group of Companies

VISTAFLEX Installation at NELMAR Group of Companies

Installation of a 67” VISTAFLEX CL 10 is well underway at the Terreborne, Quebec-based NELMAR Group of Companies. According to President & CEO, Neil Freder, “The VISTAFLEX installation is going extremely well.”

The experience has provided a couple of "wow" moments for the employees starting with the sheer size of the machine. “Everyone in our factory was awestruck by the size of the drum and the exactitude and patience required to navigate it into a challenging spot. It was an exercise in precision driving, which went off without a hitch,” stated Freder.

The crew at NELMAR has been attentively watching each step of the process. “Collectively we are just beginning to really understand the impact the robotics will have on our changeover times and the benefits of the savings we will achieve through run speeds of up to 1970 ft/min and fully automatic changeovers." 

The NELMAR Group of Companies, which includes Plastixx FFS Technologies, Plastixx Extrusion Technologies and Suretraxx Cash Management Systems, is dedicated to the manufacture of tamper evident bags, weather resistant sacks and industrial FFS bags for fine powders, salts, fertilizers, grouts, mortars and all cementitious materials.

The 10-color VISTAFLEX joins a fleet of W&H extrusion, printing and converting equipment at NELMAR.


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