Spanish printing company CPM praises the installation process and printing results of its new HELIOSTAR SL

Spanish printing company CPM praises the installation process and printing results of its new HELIOSTAR SL

Happy with installation process and printing results (f.l.t.r): Javier Marina, Alex Fornos from our sales representative Lapeyra, Lucio Marina and Carlos Marina.

In November 2016, Spanish printer CPM successfully commissioned a new W&H Heliostar SL gravure printing press. The key factor in the firm’s decision to choose W&H was the print quality. “We offer our customers a wide range of printing processes, but gravure printing is the gold standard when it comes to larger jobs and applications where quality is critical. So it is all the more important for us that our machinery can deliver consistently high standards”, says CEO Lucio Marina. A few months in, he is very satisfied: “The printing results we achieve with the Heliostar exceed our expectations on all materials.” And the actual installation of the machine was a positive experience too: “I have never had an installation go so smoothly and professionally – every promise made was kept. Before we began working with W&H, I had never had such a good experience with an installation and commissioning process.”

Experience in printing and film extrusion for tailor-made printing machine  

CPM has specialized in printing flexible packaging, wraparound labels and shrink sleeves for almost 30 years. The new gravure printing press expands its fleet and is intended to help cover the company’s continued growth. The Heliostar SL is fitted with 8 printing decks for working widths of 800, 1,110 and 1,300 mm and can achieve a print speed of up to 500 meters/min. It also features the W&H register system, the EASYSYNC automatic pre-register adjustment system, and a turn-over station between the printing units. “CPM wanted to achieve maximum print quality under even the most demanding requirements. Our experience in printing and expertise in film extrusion enabled us to configure and deliver a printing press tailored to meet these needs”, say Thomas Lengenberg, Sales Director at W&H, and his colleague Stefan Brinkmeier.