1st time right and efficient in packaging gravure printing - W&H Academy seminar showed how

1st time right and efficient in packaging gravure printing - W&H Academy seminar showed how

12 participants attended the W&H Academy rotogravure seminar to find out more about the potential for improvement in packaging rotogravure printing.

At the W&H Academy's first gravure seminar "1st time right and efficient in packaging gravure printing", 12 participants from various areas of the gravure printing industry gathered information about the potential for improvement in packaging gravure printing. The main topic of the five-day seminar was the potential for standardizing workflows and processes in prepress, color preparation and on press.

Decreasing job sizes and rising quality demands have a lasting impact on the core business of gravure printing today. With the trend towards short print jobs, the need to keep set-up time and waste to a minimum is increasing: "As print lengths become shorter and shorter, the printing process itself takes less and less time. This, and the well developed machine technology in gravure printing, are the reasons why the greatest potential for improvement today lies in print preparation," says Klaus Scheffer, Head of Customer Training at the W&H Academy.

Standardization is the key

The practice-oriented workshop "1st time right and efficient in packaging printing", organized by the W&H Academy, focusses on optimizing the potential of each process step in gravure printing - starting with repro, profiling and cylinder engraving, about the optimal data storage for "InkFormulation", up to optimized workflows and set-up processes on press. Standardizing the entire process chain is an important factor: "Standardized and reliable individual processes, workflows and tools ensure minimum set-up times and minimum waste. For example, a standardized schedule helps to achieve the printing template without or with maximum correction of the process colors and spot colors. If the repro profile is based on a weak fingerprint, the color recipe is based on weak calibration rows, or the printer selects machine parameters that differ greatly from those for fingerprinting, this is not possible," says Stefan Beilenhoff from print.con - Beilenhoff Consulting and head of the seminar. Beilenhoff, a graduate engineer, has worked as a consultant for printers, prepresssuppliers and press manufacturers for more than a decade.

Gravure printing process from A to Z

In addition to Beilenhoff, speakers included Maik Holitschke from 4Packaging and Gerd Igel from the W&H Academy. The reviewing seminar emphasized practical experience as well as theory. The 12 participants had the opportunity to test what they had learned live on the HELIOSTAR II S in the printing technology center in Lengerich: “I work at an ink manufacturer and the influence of the various press parameters such as doctor blade position, speed or impression roller pressure have on print quality and efficiency in the printing process is valluable for me, too. Furthermore, the workshop very clearly showed which steps from A to Z are necessary for an optimal standardization process in gravure printing," says Thomas Frankenberger from Sun Chemical. "The great thing about the seminar was that we were able to follow the entire printing process from start to finish in practice on the presses. If you see and test something yourself, you can understand it better in the end and implement it more easily," says seminar participant Petra Pummer, application engineer at Mondi.

W&H is more than a machine manufacturer

As a leading press manufacturer, W&H not only develops and produces state-of-the-art printing presses to make customer processes effective and cost-efficient: "With the seminars of the W&H Academy, we also impart state-of-the-art know-how to our customers in order to optimize the workflow surrounding the printing process to such an extent that they meet the economic and ecological demands of modern companies," says Scheffer.

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