FIMEX II: Consistently Exceptional Film Quality

FIMEX II: Consistently Exceptional Film Quality

W&H introduces FILMEX II, a new generation cast film line for stretch-, CPP- and barrier applications, that achieves excellent productivity and consistently exceptional film quality for optimal downstream processing.This is made possible by the newly-developed FILM PERFORMANCE MONITOR (FPM) module, which is completely integrated into the FILMEX II, making it an intelligent machine as defined by Packaging 4.0.

„First and foremost, our customers expect high output and that their line is running reliably so they can be competitive. But that alone isn’t enough,” said Dr. Torsten Schmitz, Division Manager of Cast Film at Windmöller & Hölscher. “There is a growing demand for better and more consistent film quality for top performance in the final application. With the development of FILMEX II with FPM, W&H is launching a machine that meets these requirements.”

Custom configured for customer needs

The FILMEX II is modular, meaning that each line can be custom configured to meet customer needs. Every component is designed to deliver consistent, superior quality film at top outputs. The unique W&H screw offers consistent and perfect melt quality. Several decades of experience building cast film lines led to the development of feedblock, die and chill roll units that are perfectly tailored to work together to produce mono, multilayer or nanolayer films. The FILMATIC PS winder for stretch films and the FILMATIC TC winder for CPP and barrier films produce excellent rolls – an important requirement for optimal downstream converting. The FILMEX II is equipped with a fully-integrated automation system. The operator-friendly and intuitive PROCONTOL TS touch screen contains and controls all machine components from resin supply to winder.

FPM makes the process transparent

The new FILM PERFORMANCE MONITOR (FPM) module is completely integrated into the FILMEX automation system. Data from the FPM is recorded continuously during production and each roll is given a data matrix or QR code with its unique identification, including FPM quality data. Using this identification along with a suitable connection to the lab or downstream equipment, production can become more efficient. By creating a network of all process steps, the full production chain becomes transparent enabling targeted optimization along the entire value chain. „The FILMEX II with FPM provides transparency of the film production process and gives our customers 100% control,“ underscores Dr. Torsten Schmitz, adding, “this technology implements and exemplifies our vision of Packaging 4.0 – an intelligent machine with integrated processes and intuitive handling.”

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