Fast, reliable and reproducible colour matching with EASY-COL

Fast, reliable and reproducible colour matching with EASY-COL

Fast, reliable and reproducible colour matching at job changeover has become of vital importance to the commercial efficiency of the printing press. EASY-COL is a fully integrated on-press colour management system for W&H presses. Its spectral-based control means faster, easier and standardised colour matching, reduced changeover time and enhanced productivity. According to the feedback from printing converters / technical experts, almost 50 per cent of the complete job changeover time goes into colour matching only. With EASY-COL installed, the time needed for colour matching is notably reduced. 

Weighing System

The ink weighing system which is an integral part of EASY-COL essentially offers significant benefits to printing professionals / technical experts:

  • Diligence - Continuous ink consumption overview and integrated alarm system.
  • Intelligent Suggestions - Calculates and guides on the ink consumption / required pattern for the running production job.
  • Proactive Assistance - Intimates the operators of minimum ink level reached in the ink bucket. 
  • It also reduces the press leftover ink drastically to save on ink and solvent costs.

Seamless Integration of EASY-COL

Easy-COL can be integrated with your Ink Kitchen:

  • EASY-COL provides ink formulation recipes referring to the on-press performed corrections and the recipes can be sent to the dispenser for precise shade and faster ink preparation
  • Ink formulation recipes can be accessed from EASY-COL at any point of time and can be used in ink kitchen. 
  • Offline ink preparation by taking EASY-COL recipe data. 
  • All EASY-COL operations related information is readily available in the ink lab.