As good as new: Increased capacities for die head cleaning - to make sure your lines run at optimum output and quality in the long term

As good as new: Increased capacities for die head cleaning - to make sure your lines run at optimum output and quality in the long term

Our Die Head Service makes it possible to run a used die with the output capacity and quality of a new one. Contamination and signs of wear are removed by professional cleaning and the die head works at the highest level again. Since the end of last year, we have increased our capacities with a new hall for the Die Head Service at our headquarters in Lengerich with more than 1,000 square meters. Coordinated processes offer even faster throughput times. The result: For the customer, the Die Head Service is an efficient plug & play solution to increase the performance and quality of their lines in use.

Die heads form the heart of an extrusion line: their condition has a decisive influence on quality and productivity. Even the smallest impurities and irregularities can have a considerable influence on the quality of production. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the die head therefore is essential. W&H offers a unique Die Head Service for extrusion systems - both for die heads from W&H and other suppliers.

Since the end of 2017, the Die Head Service has been located in a new hall at our headquarters in Lengerich: a 12-strong team dismantles, cleans and assembles on more than 1,000 square metres. Cleaning is carried out exclusively by experts: Industrial mechanics with further training as die head cleaning specialists ensure professional basic overhaul. The new hall is equipped with the latest technology: At five cleaning stations and two pyrolysis furnaces, more than 200 die heads are cleaned each year without damaging the material. All processes in the new hall are coordinated for particularly fast throughput times. Depending on the number of layers, the high-performance die head is back in production after only one to two weeks.

In this way we create a unique service in the industry: With minimum effort for our customers, a die head is returned in the shortest time and offers output and quality as good as a new one.

Are you visiting our headquarters in Lengerich? Then visit our die head service and convince yourself on site. 

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More about the Die Head Service and other options (e.g. cleaning during operation or feed block cleaning):

Die Head Service 

Our Die Head Service in action- Professional and material-friendly basic overhaul

After delivery, the die head is gently heated, dismantled and visually inspected for damage by our experts.
All electronic components as well as the heating elements are checked and replaced if necessary.
The components are gently cleaned in the pyrolysis furnace and then cooled in a controlled manner in the cooling chamber.
The components are cleaned and polished by hand and undergo an optical and chemical check.
As an option, mechanical cleaning via a blasting unit or a new coating of the components can be carried out.
During re-assembly, all wearing parts are replaced and the die head is reassembled professionally.
Our experts check that all tolerances are met by measuring.
Before dispatch to the customer, a final inspection is carried out.
Come and see - visit our die head service team at our headquarters in Lengerich.


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