Fully automated production with the COREMATIC roll handling system

Fully automated production with the COREMATIC roll handling system

Fully automated production chains, like those of our most recent success story Novalene, aim for speed and optimum utilization. Therefore, all process steps must be coordinated, streamlined, and fast. With this in mind, W&H offers the COREMATIC in-line roll handling system for automatic roll changing. This fully automated unit takes small finished printed rolls (to be used later as automatic rolls on packaging machines, for example) from the rewind and inserts new prepared winding shafts. The COREMATIC is optimized for the high print speeds of W&H systems, making it the perfect fit for, for instance, MIRAFLEX flexographic printing presses with speeds of up to 600 m/min.

Manual changes limit the efficiency of the line

Traditionally, operating personnel have had to manually change printing press rolls. This significantly impacts overall process efficiency in an automated line. While an unwind station may handle large master rolls measuring a meter or more in diameter, rewinds are frequently used to produce automatic rolls only a few hundred millimeters in diameter. In these kinds of production setups with high machine speeds and rolls with small diameters in the rewind, there are only a few minutes in which to remove the finished printed rolls and prepare new winding shafts for a roll change. This puts tremendous pressure on operators, as there are limits to how quickly rolls can be removed and winding shafts prepared by hand. Inevitably, machines must be slowed and efficiency drops.

Full utilization of the maximum speeds

The fully automated COREMATIC roll-handling system ensures full utilization of the maximum speeds of printing presses, speeding up the overall process and considerably improving productivity.

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