W&H Assembly for Paper Sack Lines - Precision That Inspires

W&H Assembly for Paper Sack Lines - Precision That Inspires

At W&H, paper sack lines of the highest quality are produced in series. The key to this quality is first-class assembly and commissioning of the individual machines and lines, which ensures the performance of our machines in the customer's plant. Thomas Koch, head of assembly for converting machines, explains why W&H is the market leader in the assembly of these machines.

 "For us, the assembly of paper sack machines is part of our daily routine. We have many years of experience in assembly and usually work in parallel on up to seven machines in our hall," says Thomas Koch. He has been with W&H since 2013 and is head of the converting line assembly department since 2018. In the production halls in Lengerich, a large number of new machines and complete paper sack lines are assembled every year. "In our final assembly department, a complete system is set-up using many individual components. In the subsequent commissioning phase, we adjust the machine to customer requirements in production-like situations. This way we ensure that the machine meets the quality requirements of our customers and is quickly ready for production after installation in the customer's plant." In addition to the production and commissioning of ordered machines, testing and qualification of further developed modules from R&D department are important tasks. In this way the customer benefit can be permanently fulfilled and ensured in the future.

The assembly department must be able to react flexibly to the various customer demands while meeting the highest quality requirements. This can only be achieved with versatile, well-trained and responsible employees, an optimal material flow and adequate assembly concepts. "Producing a paper valve sack from the paper roll to the finished product at production speeds of up to 360 sacks per minute and a production line length of up to 100 meters requires optimally matched machine components that must be perfectly assembled and adjusted. That's why we train our employees on an ongoing basis so that we can continue to improve," says Koch.

The result of this work impresses the W&H assembly manager every day anew: "In my function, I am able to accompany the process every day as we manufacture our high-performance systems from many individual parts and modules and bring them to life during commissioning. The dimensions and complexity of our paper sack lines make every engineer's heart beat faster". Koch especially praises the great teamwork of the employees in the assembly department.

We are looking forward to share our fascination with our machines with you - visit us in Lengerich and accompany the assembly process in person in our halls.