The VARIOCAGE film calibration unit ensures tight tolerences.

Improve film width tolerances with optimal calibration that saves trim and satisfies your customers with its operating properties – all with the non-contact NOSTIC cage.

W&H Retrofit Scorpe:

  • Guiding segments
  • Electrical components
  • PROCONTOL TS-operating concept
  • Technical documentation

Optional Equipment:

  • CFK (carbon fiber) rollers, Teflon rolls, or NOSTIC non-contact air Segments
  • Monomer exhaust
  • Ultrasonic bubble control

The film calibration unit and components are assembled by W&H service technicians.

Installation: approx. 2 days (incl. training)


  • Optimal bubble support with minimal width variation achieved with 15 optimally placed guides
  • Mechanical parts of adjustment unit are protected from dirt and paraffin buildup, large dust particles and contact
  • Wear-resistant and low-maintenance CFK (carbon fiber) rollers with no effect on the film surface
  • Non-contact Nostic segments for special applications with constant width tolerances
  • Film sizing system integrated in control unit of blown film line

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