VAREX Extruders

VAREX retrofit extruders are available for all W&H lines as well as other systems.

Upgrade your blown film line with extruders and screws with cross hole mixing sections from the VAREX range, which will give you optimum melt quality.

W&H Retrofit Scope:

  • VAREX extruders from 50 mm to 135 mm (30 D)
  • Geared AC motor or gearless torque motor
  • Wear resistant screw
  • Quick resin drain capability
  • Heating with temperature probe
  • Electrical equipment
  • Integration with PROCONTROL TS
  • Technical documentation

Optional Extras:

  • (High) temperature control unit for the grooved bush
  • Shut-off slide for PA/EVOH
  • Specially laid out dies for the retrofit extruders
  • Corrosion resistant design
  • LT screw for increased output

Installation of extruders, including all components, will be done by W&H service technicians.


  • High melt output at a low temperature level
  • Optimal optical and mechanical product properties resulting from perfect melt quality
  • Universal HPS screw suitable for the whole range of marketable resins
  • Special grooved bush cooling concept
  • Modular easy-change capability for screws and barrels, e.g., to optimize melt quality
  • Castor mounted extruders ensuring ease of installation and retrofitting
  • Maximum wear protection through tungsten carbide coating of screw flights and feed barrel

Installation: 1 – 2 days per extruder (including training)

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