RMOS-IPC Retrofit

Replacement of previous RMOS-IPC hardware with the latest Windows APC 620 technology.

Scope of RMOS-IPC Retrofit:

  • 17" TFT touchscreen color monitor
  • Windows operator interface
  • Industry PC APC 620 and function keys
  • Touchpad keyboard
  • Printer
  • Manual

Retrofitting of components and replacement of the appropriate elements will be done by W&H service technicians.

Benefits of RMOS-IPC Retrofit:

  • Long-time spare parts availability
  • The latest CAN bus technology
  • Reproducible process data
  • Increased machine up-time
  • Planning reliability
  • Overall line monitoring
  • Touchscreen technology
  • Graphic representation
  • Easy operation

Installation: approx. 1 day (including training)

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