PROFILE BOOSTER helps you reach the desired gauge profile, and with it saleable production, faster.

Increases the effective up-time of your blown film line through intelligent die and/or air ring control at line start, ensuring fast saleable quality production and short job change times.

W&H Retrofit Scope:

  • Software package
  • Thickness gauge modification
  • Wiring and documentation

Adaptation of existing control system and change of hardware components (if necessary) will be done by W&H service technicians.

Installation: approx. 1.5 days (including training)


  • Optimized line start-up resulting in notably reduced start-up waste (up to 60%)
  • Fast saleable quality production resulting in reduced job change times
  • Increased effective up-time of the extrusion line
  • Automatic activation after EASY CHANGE (automatic size change capability is available only for W&H lines)
  • Can be retrofitted to W&H VAREX blown film lines, including older ones, as well as systems of other manufacturers.

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