New Gravimetric Weighing System and Vacuum Feeders

New gravimetric system (module G) and vacuum feeders can be retrofitted to all W&H blown film lines as well as extrusion equipment of other manufacturers.

High-precision continuous gravimetric metering and throughput control system for perfect mixing ratios.

W&H Retrofit Scope:

  • Gravimetric system (module G) and/or vacuum feeders
  • Electrical equipment
  • PROCONTROL TS operation and control system (if applicable)
  • Technical documentation

Optional Extras:

  • Powder metering capability
  • The metering unit designed for hightemperature applications

Installation of gravimetric system and vacuum feeders, including all components, will be done by W&H service technicians.

Installation: approx. 1 – 2 days per gravimetric system and vacuum feeder (including training)


  • Constantly controlled mixing ratio and consistent material flow, eliminating disintegration
  • Constant resin supply for tight film width tolerances and optimal gauge profile
  • Retrofit capability for up to 7 components per extruder
  • Patented integrated residual resin minimizer (resin feeding is automatically stopped according to entered order specifications) ensures short change times and notable resin savings
  • Centralized operation through integration with PROCONTROL TS
  • Multi-section screws minimize product change time and eliminate the need for changing metering screws
  • Metering hoppers can be operated also from the extruder


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