Increase your output and film quality by retrofitting W&H dies or MULTICOOL air rings, which are available for W&H and other dies. A new gauge profile controller is available as an additional option.

MULTICOOL Package 1:

  • MULTICOOL air ring
  • Manual

(does not include gauge profile controller)

MULTICOOL Package 2:

(includes gauge profile controller)

  • Package 1 Delivery Scope
  • Gauge profile controller
  • PROCONTROL® TS process automation
  • Preassembled cable
  • Thickness gauge
  • Oscillating assembly

Available Options for Package 1 and 2:

  • Fans
  • Air ring height adjustment

Installation of MULTICOOL retrofit packages, including all components, will be done by W&H service technicians.

Advantages of MULTICOOL Retrofits:

  • Easy to retrofit to W&H and other dies (both stationary and rotating)
  • Flexible use of different air ring inserts (single lip, dual lip, etc.)
  • Up to 50 per cent increase in output
  • Increased profitability as a result of major resin savings
  • Consistently tight gauge tolerances, saleable production shortly after line start-up or after product changeover
  • Service-friendly technology
  • Air ring height adjustment to ease cleaning and optimize production

Installation: approx. 5 days (including training)

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