The XTENSION module retrofitted into the PROCONTROL TS operator column gives simple and safe operation of customer supplied components integrated into a W&H VAREX blown film extrusion line.

This module allows for easy integration of customer supplied components such as vacuum feeders, gravimetric systems, chillers, draws, winders, etc. … into VAREX blown film extrusion lines.

W&H Retrofit Scope:

  • Control system
  • Software

For electric interfacing of customer supplied components with the PROCONTROL TS column, B&R control modules will be provided and installed. Installation of the necessary software will be done by W&H service technicians.

Installation: approx. 1 day (including training)


  • Display of all parameters and operation of the VAREX line and customer supplied
    components via the PROCONTROL TS operator column
  • Provision of up to six B&R control modules for interfacing with non-W&H components
  • Display of up to 32 trends per control module for quality control during production.
  • For rapid product change, 32 receipes can be stored in each module and retrieved
  • 48 detailed alarm messages per control module ensuring overall line monitoring and control, and quick troubleshooting.

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