FILMEX Extruders

FILMEX extruders can be retrofitted on all cast film lines, including W&H and others.

Upgrade your cast film line by retrofitting high performance FILMEX extruders with SMB (Smooth Barrier) screws and crosshole mixing sections.

W&H Retrofit Package:

  • Extruders from 50 mm to 180 mm (30D) mounted on base frame, pre-wired and ready for connection
  • SMB extruder screw with

    • performance and flow optimized barrier zone for universal application, including LDPE / (m-) LLDPE, PP, PA, EVOH, EVA, PS, and PET
    • feed-effective spiral shear section and highly efficient crosshole mixing section
    • maximum wear resistance through tungsten carbide coating of screw flights

  • AC gear motor or gearless torque motor
  • Hopper section with temperature controlled smooth feed bush
  • Bimetal feed barrel with tungsten carbide based wear protection
  • Electric heating and air cooling
  • One or two melt pressure probes and one melt temperature probe
  • Screw extractor

Installation of extruders including all components either by W&H service technicians or by customer.

The Benefits of Retrofit:
Replacing extruders or retrofitting cast film lines with new FILMEX extruders from W&H provides a variety of benefits. Here are just a few of them:

  • Flexibility with resin types and a broad throughput range
  • Optimum optical and mechanical product properties through perfect melt quality
  • Enhanced efficiency through high specific output
  • Excellent wear resistance guarantees extraordinary longevity

Installation: approx. 1- 2 days per extruder (including training)

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