FILMATIC − modular winders for blown- and cast film lines

Easy processing with a smart design: With a film winder from W&H‘s comprehensive FILMATIC range, you can offer perfect, straight-edged rolls from start to finish.

W&H-Delivery of Retrofits:
Winders from the FILMATIC series for blown- and cast film lines

W&H-Scope of Delivery of Upgrades:

  • Winders with center drive and gap winding
  • Treater systems
  • Spreader roll systems
  • Edge Trim and bleed trim removal system
  • Center Drive
  • Deionization units to prevent static buildup
  • Newest generation of winding shafts
  • Roll handling system (crane and shaft extractor for winding shafts)
  • Safety package
  • Filmatic winders and components are assembled and installed by W&H service technicians.


  • Extension of blown film product line
  • Optimal winding quality, perfect for subsequent processing
  • Improved handling with the new roll handling system
  • Integrated control system
  • Easy to use technology
  • Safety features and equipment

Installation including training: approx. 5 days (depending on requirements)

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