Varex II

Varex II


VAREX II – the new standard in blown film extrusion

VAREX II - the customized blown film line for your specific needs.

Today's packaging solutions need to meet the most versatile requirements and can therefore be best produced on customized equipment. A wealth of knowledge gathered over decades of experience as well as continuous developments and improvements make the VAREX II top of its class. The VAREX II developments encompass all system components, driven by the goal to perfect film quality and optimized productivity, flexibility, ergonomics and sustainability.

The results are reduced resin usage, shorter start-up and changeover times as well as reduced scrap. In other words, opting for a VAREX II means opting for increased productivity and sustainability.

More features

The MAXICONE range of dies with optimized melt flow, along with the proven W&H profile control, ensure perfect film profile tolerances, which in turn results in the need for less raw material, while producing consistently optimal film properties for downstream production.

Another highlight of the VAREX II is EASY-FLAT, the new, “smart” collapsing frame and oscillating haul-off unit, which automatically adjusts the side guides thus optimizing flatness and minimizing curling. W&H's portfolio of winders, the largest on the market, ensures the winding of perfect rolls even with the most demanding types of films.

The VAREX II produces high-quality films at maximum outputs and boasts minimal down time. With TURBOCLEAN, which is unique on the market, the fastest changeovers are possible. With minimal waste and excellent energy efficiency the VAREX II proves that sustainability and profitability can coexist. 

W&H's high standards for technical solutions are supported by consistently working on the advancements of line components, that are fine-tuned to work together optimally.


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