Top quality film at an attractive price.
OPTIMEX stands for optimum extrusion.

The OPTIMEX is designed to produce a broad range of 3- and 5-layer films. It excels with high output rates and perfect film quality. Typical applications include packaging, automation packaging film, carrier bags, heavy-duty sacks, laminations and shrink and stretch hoods.

Many components of the OPTIMEX were taken from the renowned VAREX family of blown film lines and optimized. The result is optimum extrusion with trusted W&H quality. The combination of the latest extrusion technology with a defined line specification guarantees the production of top quality film at an attractive price.

More features

While the modern design of the OPTIMEX is impressive, its "inner workings" are more so. Our high-quality and proven MAXICONE C die is a fix component of the OPTIMEX product line. It provides low melt volumes and very short melt paths, leading to extremely short changeovers and the best film quality.

The FILMATIC O winder wraps up the process with perfectly finished rolls. Users are excited because the clearly-arranged and intuitive PROCONTROL user panel is known from the VAREX.

Changeovers on the OPTIMEX can be automated using optional modules, including EASY-CHANGE, PROFILE BOOSTER and TURBOCLEAN. The reduction in changeover time, energy and raw materials are both economically and environmentally beneficial.

The addition of a 2200mm (86,6'') working width to the OPTIMEX range of blown film lines as well as the development of the 650mm (25.5'') OPTIMEX FFS line, for heavy-duty sack film, have proven successful on the market.


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