Only by following new paths can you find new destinations

For instance, destinations to completely new solutions for packaging. The AQUAREX is a new family of blown film lines at W&H and will turn almost everything you've come to know about blown film extrusion up-side-down, including:

  • water-cooling changes the typical set-up of a blown film line
  • technology is easy to use, even with water-cooling
  • water-cooled blown films can achieve film properties that cannot be reached with traditional air blown film lines

The AQUAREX "upside-down-wet" blown film line blows film downwards and uses water instead of air to cool the bubble. Its advantage is extremely fast cooling that keeps the crystallinity of the film low while maintaining its amorphous nature. The result is superb film with high clarity and gloss and exceptional puncture and tear resistance.

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The short cooling distance of the AUQAREX with its water-cooled calibrator means building and tower height requirements are lower than with traditional blown film lines. And, of course, all components that come into contact with water are made of stainless steel or aluminum.

The exceptional flexibility of the AQUAREX is a resulting of using field-proven components, automation modules and winders from the VAREX blown film line.

The AQUAREX opens up a range of completely new packaging solutions, including 3-layerPE or PP products for medical applications as well as 5-, 7-, 9- and 11-layer barrier films featuring optimum thermoforming and sealing characteristics.


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