The AD PLASTIC 2 valve bottomer produces open mouth cross bottom sacks and cross bottom valve sacks made from multilayer PE films using hot air sealing technology.  This new paste-free sealing technology is a modern and cost-effective next step to sacks that have been sealed with adhesives for decades. Doing away with adhesives means there is no longer the need to pre-treat the film surface and costs associated with handling the adhesives, namely storage, preparation, cleaning, and disposal, are completely eliminated.
Another advantage: products made on the AD PLASTIC 2 can easily be used as batch sacks as they can be fused without leaving any residue.

Technical Specifications:

Sack width 25 – 60 cm
Sack length 45 – 91 cm
Bottom width, valve sack 8 – 18 cm
Bottom centre distance 35 – 75 cm
Tube cut-off length 53 – 109 cm
Mechanical speed* max. 120/min.

*Actual production speed depending on film recipe and sack construction.


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