The CONVERPRINT is a high-performance machine for in-line or off-line prefabrication of FFS film. Printing, micro-perforation, and anti-slip embossing of the extruded flat film tube are accomplished in a single pass. The system also incorporates a side gusseting station to produce a side gusseted tube ready for subsequent use on FFS packaging systems.

Technical specifications:

Flat tube width 26 – 72 cm
Gusseted tube width 17 – 52 cm
Gusset depth 4,5 – 11 cm
Film thickness 120 – 200 µm
Product speed max. 120 m/min
More features

If your manufacturing program is characterised by infrequent product changeover, integration of the CONVERPRINT with the extrusion line is the more economical solution, whereas the off-line solution would be the more sensible approach from the point of view of efficiency, when frequent changeovers with respect to print design or tube construction and dimensions are required. If used as a separate machine, the CONVERPRINT is equipped with its own unwind station and can operate independent of the blown film line.


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