Passion for innovation

Windmöller & Hölscher lives up to its philosophy

Flexible packaging is the central point of our entrepreneurial thinking and acting. There is no getting around packaging. It protects valuable goods against loss and spoilage and is an indispensable requirement to the modern distribution of goods. The fact that we have made flexible packaging the focus of our business is attributable to the ecological and economical advantages provided by this packaging genre which requires less resources than packages made of rigid materials.

Some time we will be asked what made us opt for flexible packaging. Because everybody dealing with packaging today is obliged to think of tomorrow. We are responsible towards the coming generations. With our commitment to flexible packaging we want to make a contribution to the sustainable use of natural resources as well as energy saving and waste reduction.

Living up to these maxims, we want to grow with our tasks and work towards our company goals, that is to constantly improve our customers' production processes and aim at global leadership in the manufacture of machinery and equipment for flexible packaging. Our technological superiority and our thinking in holistic correlations are important elements that will help us achieve our goals.

We are quite aware that it takes outstanding ideas and qualified employees to be successful – employees who work towards translating these ideas into solutions for the benefit of our customers and who do so relentlessly and with enthusiasm and passion.

"Passion for Innovation" is our company maxim and expression of our philosophy which not only exists on paper, but is the guiding principle of everything we do.